6/14/2010 09:33:00 PM

Review: Clover Nipple Clamps

Because I don't have especially sensitive nipples, I like more intense nipple clamps than many women do and these clove clamps definitely do it for me!

The clamps are based on a Japanese design once used for sewing and they don't really have the adjustment screws or slides. They are quite tight when applied but when you tug on them, their real trick comes into play – these clamps tighten as they are pulled on. The more you pull, the tighter they get.

This set is made of polished aluminum with a sturdy chain between the two clamps. The clamps are nicely finished and I didn’t find any burrs or scratchy areas. The jaws of the clamps have a rubbery pad on both sides that is textured to allow maximum grip.

When I finally got a chance to try the clover clamps, I thought I was prepared for the intensity but it still took me a bit by surprise. Even with my less than sensitive nipples, I had to slowly attach the clamps. Yowza! I might wish the pads were a bit larger but these were in no danger of falling off.

My husband seemed to like both the look of the clamps and my reaction when I moved and especially when he tugged on the chain between the clamps. Doggy-style was almost too much sensation. For once my nipples didn’t feel neglected – I love these clamps!

Taking them off was a whole new adventure. Like all nipple clamps, you should never leave them on too long and since these were quite tight, I was careful to take them off fairly quickly. For anyone who has worn nipple clamps before, you can get as much sensation when taking them off than when you put them on, if not more. I almost levitated – but in a good way, I promise.

My husband’s nipples are quite a bit more sensitive than mine but he was game to give clover tramps a try. The small size of the tips were an advantage when applying them to his small nipples but he didn’t enjoy them so much as endure them and we took them off again. They were just too much for him.

Care of the clamps is easy – just wash with warm soap and water or a toy cleaner and dry thoroughly.

If you have really sensitive nipples and/or a lower pain tolerance, these clover nipple clamps may be too much for you. If, however, you have less sensitive nipples and/or really enjoy that sharp edge of sensation, these may be terrific clamps for you to try.


Mistress Kay said...

It's amazing how intense Clover clamps are. Like, wow. Great review.

Toy Girl said...

They are very intense indeed and I do have to be in the mood for that level of sensation but I like them then.

Thanks for the compliment :)

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